The seventh International Gran Prix tournament was held on May 9, 2003 in Arena Mexico and for the second time featured as 16-man Tornero Cibernetico. This time the teams were "Team Mexico" (El Felino, Virus, Negro Casas, Mephisto, Averno, Blue Panther, Shocker and Dr. Wagner, Jr.) and "Team Japan" (TARO, Don Fujii 藤井 達樹 , Kazuhiko Masada 正田 和彦 , SUWA 諏訪 高広 , Katsushi Takemura 正田 和彦 , Nosawa 野沢一茂, CIMA (大島 伸彦 and Último Dragón ウルティモ ドラゴン).
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PALABRAS CLAVES: CMLL Grand Prix 2003 México vs Japon