"The letter stated that, as I ran through the tunnel, they were going to throw acid in my face. I was petrified and I probably never moved so much and so fast on a soccer field in my life." Clyde Best is one of football's pioneers -- the first black player of the modern era to establish himself in England's top division. The reaction he faced from fans on the terraces more than 40 years ago was extreme, mirroring the strong resistance to immigrants landing on Britain's shores back then. Recent incidents have shown that racism is still a big problem in these more multicultural times. World football's president, Sepp Blatter, infamously claimed last year that racism is not an issue on the pitch, but he has been proved sadly wrong. England, in particular, is dealing with the fallout of two high-profile player on player controversies. Fans, meanwhile, have been arrested for racially abusing players at stadiums and on the Internet.
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PALABRAS CLAVES: Documentary - Racism in football: 'It's not black and white'