Dojo Wars event from December 28, 2017 Dojo Wars 158 from CZW/WSU Academy in Blackwood, New Jersey 1). Charlie Tiger v. Ellis Taylor 2). Tulpa v. El Cheapo 3). Josh Adams v. Jordan Oliver 4). Frankie Pickard & Tahir James v. Tim Taylor & JT Funk 5). Royal Money v. Anthony Bennett 6). Kit Osbourne v. Nate Carter

Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) is an American independent wrestling promotion. In 1998, John Zandig and five of his students, Ric Blade, T.C.K, Lobo, Nick Gage, and Justice Pain (along with trainer Jon Dahmer) began to run professional wrestling shows in New Jersey and Delaware, showcasing a brand of hardcore wrestling dubbed as "ultraviolence". Ladders, tables, steel folding chairs, thumbtacks, barbed wire, weed whackers, light tubes, panes of glass, and fire are all common elements of "ultraviolent wrestling" in CZW.
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